About this Chapter

Oahu Chapter of NARPM®

Our members specialize in the profitable management of single-family homes, condominiums, and small apartment complexes. We are dedicated to promoting a high standard of business ethics, professionalism, education, and fair housing practices.

We are an association of real estate professionals who know firsthand the unique problems and challenges of managing single-family and small residential properties.

Our members are proud to display the NARPM logo as a mark of excellence and a sign of their dedication to providing superior professional property management services.

If you own or are thinking of owning property as an investment, you need a professional property manager. Laws that relate to operating rental property include federal, state, and local government regulations which may change without you being made aware of the change. Having a professional run your day-to-day operations will make you more money, enhance the value of your property, and will give you peace of mind. Let a NARPM Member go to work for you today.

Oahu Chapter bylaws - Mar. 2024 revision


2004 - Bill Ramsey, R
2005 - Carl Frazier, R, RMP
2006 - Catherine Matthews, R
2007 - Lurline Johnson, R, RMP
2008 - Richard Vierra, R, RMP
2009 - Prim Leong-Nakamoto, RA, RMP
2010 - Darlene Higa, RA, MPM RMP
2011 - Laurene Young, R, MPM RMP
2012 - Elizabeth Ishimitsu, RA
2013 - Scherry Webb, R
2014 - Elaine Saigusa, R, RMP
2015 - Bradley Isa, RA, RMP
2016-17 - Darlene Higa, RA, MPM RMP
2018 - Carol Ginoza, R
2019-20 - Bradley Isa, RA, RMP
2021-22 - Elizabeth Ishimitsu, RA